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l Chemogenomics-based integrated discovery

A major challenge in the drug discovery process is the selection of leads and development of candidates that are differentiated from other compounds with attrition risk managed in the early stage of discovery and development.

Conventional approaches using chemical structure similarity or diversity as a selection process is over simplified. Often, traditional one structure-in vitro-in vivo and target-target interrelationship studies underestimated the complexity of polypharmacology, either desired or undesired. We believe that to be better informed in the selection of leads and development candidates, a more biologically relevant rationale to direct the optimization process is needed. Molecular profiling of compounds can thus provide comprehensive and differentiating information about biological properties (descriptors) of particular chemical scaffolds and structure modifications in parallel, therefore, a much relevant rationale to direct optimization process of the leads.

Chipscreen Biosciences has developed a proprietary chemogenomics approach that connects small molecule structures to disease targets and therapeutic functions to accelerate the discovery process by effectively comparing the molecular profiles of successful drugs, failed drugs, and classical toxins served as the molecular probes (reference compounds) in different model systems with the profiles of potential lead compounds. For the discovery of small molecules, the company utilizes such a comprehensive systemic approach, integrated with in silico design, chemistries, high content screening, global gene expression profiling, and informatics in early stage of the discovery, to gain critical and predictive information about molecular pharmacology and toxicology of the internally developed compounds, thus, to enable us of better informed decisions at the earlier stages in the drug discovery and development process. We believe that this systemic approach is an effective way to decrease risk, increase success rate, and shorten development cost and time in drug discovery and development.

Identify On-target/Off-target Effect: Chemical Genomics Approach

Connecting small molecule structure with disease target or therapeutic function via predictive discovery of molecular pharmacology and toxicology